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13 March 2023
Propagation of vortex optical beams through artificial convective turbulence. A.V. Falits, V.V. Kuskov, V.A. Banakh. JQSRT (2023)

The random wandering of vortex beams, whose initial transverse size increases with an increase of the topological charge, and beams, whose initial transverse size remains unchanged with a change of the topological charge, is compared.

08 March 2023
Phase-controlled supermodes in symmetric photonic molecules. Y.E. Geints. Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer

- A photonic molecule optically fed from two sides is sensitive to excitation phase.
- PM supermodes can be effectively manipulated by changing the phase detuning.
- Possibility to achieve tenfold intensity change of PM supermodes is demonstrated.
- A PM-based sensor for measuring various physical stimuli is proposed.

01 March 2023
Application of Neural Networks to Estimation and Prediction of Seeing at the Large Solar Telescope Site. A.Yu. Shikhovtsev, P.G. Kovadlo, A.V. Kiselev, M.V. Eselevich, V.P. Lukin. Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific (2023)

Optical turbulence limits the angular resolution of ground-based astronomical telescopes. The key parameter of optical turbulence is seeing. In this study, seasonal variations of seeing estimated from differential image motion monitor measurements at the Large Solar Telescope site are discussed.