26 July 2017

On July 26, the head of the wave propagation laboratory, IAO SB RAS,
doctor of physical and mathematical sciences Victor Banach celebrates the anniversary!

Victor is a specialist of the highest qualification in the field of electromagnetic wave propagation. His scientific activity is devoted to solving a large class of problems of turbulence optics, laser location, remote wave sounding of the atmosphere, transportation of laser energy, to creation of original lidar and laser methods to research the propagation of light in randomly inhomogeneous media. The achievements of Viktor Arsentyevich are widely recognized in our country and abroad, they are presented in more than 200 scientific works, 10 monographs, 14 author's certificates for inventions and useful models, he has read over 300 presentations at Russian and international conferences.

Dear Victor Arsent’evich!
Congratulations on your Birthday!

Collage: Irina Golikova