Computing cluster Felix-K

The computing cluster "Felix-K" was put into operation in 2018. Updated in 2020.

It consists of:
  • cluster of computing servers;
  • cluster of graphic stations.
Cluster capacities are used for:
  • mathematical modeling;
  • engineering calculations;
  • graphic modeling;
  • big data analysis;
  • designing complex systems;
  • training of neural networks.
The cluster consists of modern equipment from such manufacturers as Intel, AMD, Nvidia. In total involved:
  • 14 CPU AMD EPYC 7551;
  • 4 CPU AMD EPYC 7H12;
  • 4 CPUs Intel Xeon Gold 6132;
  • 5 CPU Ryzen 9 5900x;
  • 5 GPUs Nvidia 3080Ti;
  • 2.5TB RAM;
  • 40 TB of disk space.
The speed of the internal communication network is 20Gb/sec, speed of the external communication channel is 1Gb/sec.

The total peak computing power is:
  • CPU: 20.4TFLOPS;
  • GPU: 170.5TFLOPS.
The functionality of Felix-K is provided by free software based on the Linux kernel, distributed under the GNU license, which guarantees the license purity of the software and the calculations made with its help.

Felix-K is used to solve the problems of complex monitoring of atmospheric parameters, as well as scientific and applied problems of a fundamental and strategic nature.