Laboratory of Optical Signals Propagation

headed by Prof. Vladimir V Belov


Field of research

  • Processes of formation and transfer of optical signals and images in multicomponent stratified nonuniform scattering and absorbing media (cloudless atmosphere and layered and broken cloudiness).
  • Theory, methods, software, and information complexes of atmospheric correction and interpretation of optical images and signals distorted by scattering and absorbing media in systems of vision, detection and ranging, sensing, and communication.
  • Investigation of acoustic radiation propagation in a turbulent atmosphere.

Theoretical and experimental investigations of processes of formation and transfer of optical signals and images in the atmosphere are important for estimation of maximum operation range of the existing optoelectronic systems and systems being developed for various designations and deployment (on the terrestrial surface, in the atmosphere, or in the extra-atmospheric space).

The urgency and intensity of investigations in the field of satellite and ground-based active and passive systems of sensing and monitoring of the atmosphere and hydrosphere increase. They are stimulated by climatic changes on our planet. Without knowledge of the processes in the atmosphere –terrestrial surface system it is impossible to provide realistic forecast of these changes and to find possible means for decreasing their negative consequences.

The keywords in the articles published by the employees of the Laboratory are:
direct and inverse problems of optical and acoustic radiation transfer theory, Monte Carlo method, small-angle approximation in the radiation transfer theory, stochastic cloudiness, polarization, refraction, optoelectronic communication, and laboratory and field experiments.


  1. Vladimir V Belov, main staff scientist, Prof., phone: +7 3822 492-237, E-mail:
  2. Aleksandra S Bogdanova, leader programmer, E-mail:
  3. Marina V Engel', staff scientist, Dr., phone: +7 3822 491-081, E-mail:
  4. Andrei V Fedosov, technician
  5. Yurii V Gridnev, staff scientist, E-mail:
  6. Nina V Kabanova, leader programmer, phone: +7 3822 491-081, E-mail:
  7. Denis I Kazakov, leading electronic engineer
  8. Svetlana S Men'shchikova, staff scientist, phone: +7 3822 492-821, E-mail:
  9. Konstantin K Protasov, junior staff scientist, phone: +7 3822 491-081
  10. Valentina P Protasova, engineer, phone: +7 3822 491-081, E-mail:
  11. Lyudmila G Shamanaeva, senior staff scientist, Dr., E-mail:
  12. Mikhail V Tarasenkov, senior staff scientist, Dr., phone: +7 3822 491-081, E-mail:
  13. Viktor V Veretennikov, main staff scientist, Prof., E-mail:
  14. Anna V Zimovaya, junior staff scientist, E-mail:
  15. Matvey N Zonov, engineer, phone: +7 3822 491-111 + 13-09, E-mail: