Laboratory of Wave Propagation

headed by Prof. Viktor A Banakh


  • study of optical radiation propagation through the atmosphere
  • development of laser methods for measurement of atmospheric parameters
  • study of atmospheric turbulence

Main results

  • First experimental investigations of peculiarities in the propagation of spatially limited laser beams (SLLBs) through the turbulent have been carried out, the theory of strong intensity fluctuations in SLLBs has been developed, basic results on the spatiotemporal structure of turbulent intensity fluctuations of partly coherent laser radiation have been obtained.
  • The theory of propagation of partially coherent laser beams under the nonstationary thermal blooming in the atmosphere has been developed with allowance for turbulent fluctuations of the wind velocity and the refractive index. Unique experiments on the propagation of partially coherent high-power laser beams in the atmosphere have been conducted at test benches of Almaz-Antei Company in Priozersk, Chkalovsk, and Pakhra.
  • The optical radiation propagation along sensing paths in the atmosphere has been studied theoretically and experimentally, and new methods for estimation of the wind velocity and turbulence parameters have been developed.
  • Unique laser investigations of aircraft wake vortices have been conducted in cooperation with the Institute of Atmospheric Physics of the Germany Aerospace Center.
  • The propagation of optical radiation through complex randomly inhomogeneous media characterized by anisotropy, high-temperature properties, and supersonic velocities of turbulent inhomogeneities are studied theoretically and experimentally.
  • The new research field, namely, laser atmospheric speckle diagnostics, has been formulated and is actively developed now. It opens new possibilities in the study of turbulent wind and temperature fields in the atmosphere.
  • Basic and applied research studies are conducted within RAS, SB RAS, and RFBR projects, on orders of the Almaz-Antei Company, European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company, Germany Aerospace Center, Singapore's National Laboratories, and University of Maryland (USA).
a b c
Computer simulation of the operation of the system of SLLB collimation by atmospheric backscattering (ABS). Intensity distributions for the radiation (path length of 1000 km) without collimation (a) and with collimation (b). Normalized ABS control signal J and beam axial intensity I as functions of time t (c)


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